Hostess No More

It has been much too long. When I started this blog, it was with the goal of posting frequently about hosting parties and gatherings, with beautiful, delicious vegan food as the star. For the first few months, that’s exactly what I did, and I loved every second of it. I had such grand plans going forward. And then, in May, I stopped posting.

There was no sudden event that made me stop. Simply put, I just didn’t have the time for the blog when I was dealing with grad school, work, family health issues, and an overseas move. Did I mention the overseas move? I had thought that uprooting with my husband and heading over to London would be as simple as any other move–I was so wrong. It was a massive undertaking, and only now is the dust finally settling.

So here I am, living in Camden Town, London. It is a stunning place, full of vibrant people and incredible architecture. I love it to pieces here. There is only one problem, however; I don’t really have a kitchen anymore.

Okay, so I have a kitchen. It’s just so small! Two burners and a crock pot are my only tools. No more oven. No more roasting or baking. At first, I was at a loss. How was I supposed to write a blog about cooking for people if I couldn’t cook anymore, let alone host? It seemed to me that the Vegan Hostess was over.

Well, after some brainstorming, I believe I have figured it out. My main goals for the Vegan Hostess were to share exciting vegan food that is delicious, affordable, and easy to make. Now more than ever, I will be able to deliver that promise. After all, there are many people in my position–living in a small apartment with limited cooking space. What better way to create delicious food that only takes one or two pots?

So, I hope that you all will follow me along on this new path. While the focus will no longer be on event menus, the food will still be creative, affordable, and easy to make! From this post forward, the Vegan Hostess will be known as Vegan in the City. Cheers!


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